Theme and Sub-Theme

The 6th Asian Academic Society International Conference will hold a central theme:

“A Transformative Community: Asia in Dynamism, Innovation, and Globalization”


The conference will be divided into some sub-themes as follow:

  • Nursing, Medical, and Health Sciences
    1. Transcultural in Nursing
    2. Alternative and Traditional Medicine
    3. Mental Health
    4. Complementary Therapy
    5. HIV and AIDS
    6. Water Management
    7. Cosmetics and Health
    8. Epidemiology and Environment
  • Law, Art, and Humanity
    1. ASEAN pillars
    2. Human Rights (Gender, Children, Women)
    3. Maritime and Cross-Border
    4. Globalization & Local Aspects
    5. Art and Culture
    6. Linguistics
    7. Politics, Sociology, and Anthropology
    8. Social Development and International Affairs
    9. Education, Learning, Teaching Methodology
  • Engineering, Natural Science, and Technology
    1. Green Technology
    2. Chemical, Biology, and Physics
    3. IT and Software
  • Food, Industry, Hospitality, and Management
    1. Economy and Business
    2. Tourism
    3. Aviation
    4. Food Technology
    5. Halal Industry
    6. Entrepreneurship and Small-Medium Enterprise
  • Other topics that related to the theme
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