Download 6th AASIC Flyer

Thank you for your interest to participate in the 6th AASIC at Mae Fah Luang University.

Let’s come and join us here at Mae Fah Luang University to visit the most beautiful university in Thailand!

6th AASIC is organized by PERMITHA collaborated with Mae Fah Luang University and fully supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia for the Kingdom of Thailand (KBRI Bangkok).

Keep spreading the news! The 6th AASIC will be coming soon on this November 8-10, 2018 at Mae Fah Luang University, the most beautiful university in Thailand, with a theme, “A Transformative Community: Asia in Dynamism, Innovation, and Globalization”.

If you wish to join this event, please remember that in November, Chiang Rai will start its cool season. 

Kindly update your information at or simply contact us at


Download the official 6th AASIC Banner from this link:

AASIC-6th-MFU_banner-01.png (14 downloads)

Download the official 6th AASIC Poster from this link:

AASIC-6th-MFU-Poster-1.jpg (22 downloads)


Download the promotional teaser of 6th AASIC Flyer from this link:

The-6th-AASIC.jpg (35 downloads)



Download the initial 6th AASIC Flyer from this link:

Flyer-Teaser-AASIC6.png (24 downloads)


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