Conference Programs

**Tentative Schedule

The 6th AASIC will be in a two-day full conference and one additional (optional) Chiang Rai City Tour program.

In the first day of the conference, a keynote speaker will elaborate the main theme of the conference. The panel session will be held after lunchtime, and the participants can select panel room that will be divided into four major topics. At the end of the first day, a campus tour will be given to the participants to explore the beauty of MFU campus.

In the second day of the conference, the academic presentation will be started in MFU classrooms. There will be 4 rounds of presentations that will cover 5 sub-themes. After the presentation, gala dinner will be conducted to facilitate the participants for network expansion and cultural exchange.

In the third day, the participants may choose to have a Chiang Rai City Tour that they have bought in the first and the second day.

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