Chiang Rai Tour: Evening Walk and Chiang Rai to Remember

Chiang Rai City Tour (**TBC)

Located in the northern-most hill of Thailand, Chiang Rai offers you spectacular nature view and breeze cool air with unique attraction spots!

Participants can enjoy the beauty of Chiang Rai by joining a special program of Chiang Rai Evening Walk (on Day 2) and Chiang Rai to Remember on Day 3 of the 6th AASIC.

There will be several options of unique places with special price and facilities during the event offered to the participants.


Download Tour 1:  Tour1.jpg (4 downloads)


Download Tour 2:  Tour2.jpg (2 downloads)


Download Tour 3:  Tour3.jpg (2 downloads)


Download Tour 4:  Tour4.jpg (2 downloads)



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